Many of us wonder what our dreams mean. We remember that we dreamt of jumping off a cliff, or winning a new car, having a baby, fighting with someone etc. And then we look up our dream in a “dream dictionary” to try and work out what it all means.

The problem with this is that someone else (the dream dictionaries’ author) decides what things mean without taking into account YOU. You are different to everyone else and your dreams are also different. So finding out that “buying a new car” means that “an unexpected journey is about to happen” might not relate to you at all. So if you don’t use a dream dictionary, how can you find out what your dream world is trying to tell you?

The answer is actually fairly simple; you unfold the dream and discover the meaning for yourself!

Let’s take the “having a baby” as an example. A client (Bill) recently had that dream and he was both amused (in real life he obviously can’t have a baby) and a bit perplexed as to what it meant. I asked him to become the person in the dream who was having a baby and to describe what was happening, what he felt, what he noticed etc.

The first thing “Bill” said was “I can’t believe this is happening. I can see it but I know it’s not real. Having a baby! What would I do with a baby? I can’t look after myself properly, let alone a baby”. He was looking agitated and upset and I asked him what was happening and he said “you know, I am old enough to have a baby with my partner but I’m not ready. It’s the same with my business; I don’t feel prepared enough. I need to go and get everything ready but I am scared of the commitment. It’s like I need to commit to this thing 24/7 until it’s able to look after itself.”

We then worked together to explore the concept of “birthing his business”.

Just like having a baby he needed to get ready, furnish the nursery (business plan in place), make sure he knew what he was doing (reading and studying) and organise the birth (launch). As we talked he also said “Hey, when someone has a baby they need the midwife there to help with the birth. I need to find a business midwife who can be with me during the pregnancy (getting everything ready), the birth (launch) and after the baby is born (ongoing support). Wow, I’m going to birth my new business. I can’t believe that this was all about me not really putting the things in place that I need to. Once you’re pregnant you can’t change your mind”. Bill went on to plan his business and made the launch date for 9 months (as he said “Well if I was pregnant then that’s when I’d be giving birth”).

So, rather than relying on someone else’s interpretation of your dream, have a go at unfolding it yourself. You never know what nuggets you’ll find, hidden in your dreams!

What do you think of “Bill’s dream” Has anything similar happened to you?  Share if your like this post.

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