Unfolding your dreams – Help to further understand my dreams

Childhood and Past Dreams
January 13, 2016

Unfolding your dreams – Help to further understand my dreams

OK. By now you should have something in your notebook; it might be just a few words, a sentence or two, or pages describing a dream. If you don’t have anything yet, don’t worry. We can use your “day dreams” in exactly the same way.

Step 1; record what you are about to do; it is best to talk aloud as we explore your dream and that way you can concentrate on unfolding your dreams without needing to stop and take notes.

Step 2; look at your notes and notice which bit you have the most reaction to. E.g; if one of your notes says something that you immediately love, hate or want to ignore, then that is the bit to focus on.

Step 3; now here is the interesting part; you now become the bit that you are focusing on and put yourself in the dream. E.g you noticed that you are very concerned about the bit in the dream where you are standing on some rail tracks and there is a huge train coming at you at 100 km/hour. So, out loud, you could say something like “I am standing on some rail tracks and there is a huge freight train coming right at me. I am terrified. I can’t move and I’m about to be obliterated”. Now ask yourself; what is it in my life that I am terrified off, that I feel is going to obliterate me?” (notice that I am using the same words that I used to describe that part of the dream).

I recently worked with someone who had a similar dream and she after she said that she was about to be obliterated, she stopped and thought for a moment and then said “OMG. I can’t believe it. My boss has been hounding me and I just realised that I feel like he is a freight train about to hit me. I am terrified but I can’t seem to move”. We then worked on what was stopping her from moving, where the fear was coming from and what she could do to avoid being “obliterated”. We looked at her options; jumping off the tracks, running away from the train, using a “magic” switch to stop the train (remember this is a dream so you can use magic), putting up her hand and yelling stop really loudly etc. Each of these options relate to what she could do in real life to stop being run over by her boss (the train).

Afterwards, notice how you are feeling, what reactions you are having and whether you notice any reactions. Listen to the recording you made of unfolding your dream – what did you learn? Use your notebook to jot down what you learnt and share your thoughts and reactions below.

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